Come and join rapidly growing Tenth Sports Agents and Ambassador team, focused on spreading the love of sport and enable more people to practice sports by introducing them to quality products, at great prices.

As a Tenth Sports Agent and Ambassador You:

  • Embody Tenth Sports’ spirit of sport and inclusion in your community and beyond.
  • Help spread the love for Tenth Sports products and Equipment, and share our passion for making sports more available to anyone, anywhere.
  • Are active and engaged in your sport’s community, whether it’s running, playing or outdoor adventuring.
  • Have a strong presence and engagement on social media, contribute to our, Facebook or Instagram stories and posts, and promote Tenth Sports products and events through your social channels.
  • Know your sport inside and out, and get excited about sharing your input with our brand managers and being part of shaping Tenth Sports brand for your sport.
  • Can commit to participation in Tenth Sports events, and are not in a conflicting relationship with another sports brand.

Agents or Ambassador Benefits:

  • Agents and Ambassadors enjoy 5% commission on each sale made through their affiliate Tenth Sports link.
  • Agents and Ambassadors specific coupon code that saves 5% of your customers orders total.
  • Our Agents and Ambassadors have the opportunity to be featured in in-store marketing, at events, social channels, catalogue and other marketing opportunities.
  • Ambassadors will receive the latest Tenth Sports gear and apparel to help you pursue your sport and do more what you love.
  • As an expert in your sport, you will have opportunities to test new Tenth Sports products and equipment and share your feedback with brand managers. Your input is important to us!