Hockey Sticks For Field – All The Thing You Need To know!

types of hockey sticks

The different types of field hockey sticks are an important part in understanding the game. You’ll have to know what type you prefer and why before buying one, but it’s worth taking time for this consideration because each style has its own unique benefits that can lead your play style into a more effective direction!

Field Hockey Sticks come with many options- from lengths all over (45 inch or shorter)to materials like wood vs aluminum handles; there really is something here perfect regardless if someone just starting out wants something simple ,or looking at buying max performance gear

Parts of the Stick

To make the most of your stick, you need to know what each part is for. The handle or grip can be covered with tape and helps keep control while using it; this also includes when being hit because they protect us from injury! There’s a little bit more than just that though-the bow refers both shapes (curved vs straight) as well any number restrictions on how much bend there may have been in order not do damage during playtime by regulations set out beforehand so everyone stays safe without breaking anything too badly . Finally ,their heads include different features such Heel which connects directly down into Toe areas where we’ll striking surface at either end

Toe Types

The toe of the stick has four different options for you to choose: Hook, Maxi, Midi, or Shorti. Mostly players choose midi style. it has excellent versatility. it is also best for beginners . Defensive players choose a hook or maxi-style toe, while those on offense go for a shorti.

The Bow

The bow of a hockey stick can be anything from 25 mm to 55mm, depending on where it’s placed in the curved portion. A regular center-curl is best for beginners and intermediates because its balance gives you control over your shot while still having some power behind it; an advanced player might want something with more bend near their toe area which will allow them greater power but require even higher levels skill than before due mainly thanks extreme late models that come out around 50+ inches long,


New players should consider using a composite stick to help them develop their skills. These lighter, more flexible and comfortable pieces of wood will make it easier for beginners or intermediates because they cover all skill levels with different materials that can be found in both wooden sticks as well as those made from fiberglass sole covers like leathers do (which we’ll get into later).

Stick Sizing

You want to find the right stick for you based on what skills or positions in field hockey that need improvement. Whether it’s passing, shooting accuracy and speed (shooting), dribbling ability. Tenthsports has all of these covered with their wide variety available!


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