Step 1:

Click Here and Signup as a Agent or Representative at Tenth Sports by simply providing some essential details.

Step 2:

Click Here to Login to your profile by providing your credentials.

Step 3:

Here you will get your agent profile. Where you can see your total number of referrals, your earning and different tabs for managing your profile, see the stats and so on.

Step 4:

Now you’ve to add your payment details (Bank Account Number) as well. So we can pay you through it.

Step 5:

In the Marketing tab, move to the Affiliate Link tab. Here you’ll get your affiliate link. In order to get your commission against your referrals, you’ve to share this link to the customers.

Your referral customer will use this link to purchase the goods from our online store.

Step 6:

You will be assigned a coupon code, with which the customer can get a certain percentage off on each order total.
i.e. hamzajawed5off

Simply ask your referral customer to use this code at checkout to get this off.