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Athletics is sporting contests in which you participate in jumping, walking, running, and throwing exercises better than your opponent. You prove your activeness in this sports event without doing any false attempts. Athletics is specially designed for students to improve their physical activities. The common type of athletics includes road running, track and field, cross country running, and race walking.

 Our Athletics Products

Our company serves you with its best quality sports equipment. With the use of our beneficial accessories, you can possibly get awards and be safe from any injury during your sports contest.

Let’s Discuss The Sub-categories Of Athletics

  • Athletic kit
  • Rubber Discus
  • Hammers
  • Hurdles
  • Javelins
  • Relay Baton
  • Shotput Balls
  • Starting Blocks

Athletic kit (custom-made)

A high-quality athletics kit is essential for any athlete who wants to beat the track and field. Our clean sports kit polyester is lightweight. The best polyester used in our kits won’t absorb moisture and prevent the garment from getting heavy and sticky and keep the athletics cool. athletic kits are designed with sustainable and high-quality materials. Check our athletic kits for sale.

Discus Rubber

Discus rubber is a plate-shaped disk that the athletes have to throw as far as they can. Our rubber discus thrower is designed from hard rubber with bright colors at affordable charges. The rubber discus is used in the high schools for athletics competitions to get training. The kids love this rubber discus for their training competitions in schools. Our rubber discus is available in many sizes. The small size is specially designed for the primary school kids according to the diameter of their small hands. Its hard rubber is perfect for both indoor and outdoor pieces of training.

Shop our grip rubber discus.


Hammer throwing is an exercise that needs a more advanced combination of flexibility, agility, and footwork. Our hammers are designed with a long steel chain. It is just like a webbing strap with an embedded stone at one end. Athletes throw a metal ball that is attached to a grip by a steel wire as far as they can, while the thrower remains in a ring marked on the ground. The weight of the hammer is different for men and women. Muscles of the body are engaged in throwing the hammer because it is very heavy.  Check our hammers for sale with the best quality.


Obstacles kept In the way of athletes during running are known as hurdles. Agility hurdles of are the best equipment to work on your acuteness. This significantly improves your productivity of workouts. Our agility hurdles are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. We are the manufacturers of different types of hurdles used in sports contests. Our hurdles are made of steel tubes with powdered-coated bases. We made adjustable hurdles, you may adjust the height with the ease of a simple push button. We have foldable hurdles that are easy to pack in bags for transportation.

Our best quality agility hurdles for sale are grip hurdles, scissor hurdles, and school hurdles.


We serve you high-quality turbo javelins designed to provide durability and distance. Javelins are made of the best quality aluminum alloy with a stainless-steel and roped grip. The javelin throwers gain momentum within a pre-set area. Provide advantage to both trainees and professionals.

Grip training aluminum javelins are the best javelins for sale in South Africa of our company.

Relay Baton

Younger students will achieve great success with the use of these relay batons. The stick or rod-like object called a baton is used in the relay races. The players pass the baton to the next player to continue the race. Our company’s relay batons are of two types, plastic, and aluminum.

Relay batons are of different colors and 2 sizes (senior and junior). offers the best quality grip relay baton of plastic and aluminum.

Shotput Balls

Unturned shotput balls are used in athletic practices only because the balls are not designed for competition purposes. Our high-ranked balls normally have an unpolished mat finish and painted finish as per weight specifications only used for training sessions. The balls are called the helping balls for the schools, colleges, and universities sports contests.

Try our shotput balls at a cheap price.

Starting Blocks

Starting blocks are the metal blocks that are used in the track and field to provide foot support to have a better start before running and a faster finish time. Our blocks are made of aluminum, slotted with chrome rail for easy pedal adjustment, and rubber traction pads for secure pedal locking.

Our Athletic accessories include training cones for sale, tug of war rope for sale in South Africa, megaphones, measuring tapes 30m/50m/100m, agility ladders, speed ropes, and much more.