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Athleisure is a combination of athletic and leisure, which refers to the athletic apparel that people can wear in their leisure time. Leisurewear is the informal clothing that you wear when you have no work to do. Such type of clothing is made of a smooth fabric that helps you to feel relaxed. The fabric type depends on the strength of exercise and activity. Our company has the best-quality of leisurewear fabric with excellent sweat absorbing properties. We guarantee you our products will not disappoint you.

These Are The Sub-categories Of Leisurewear

  • Caps
  • Summer Wear
  • Winter Wear


Our new era caps protect your face and head from the sun. We have a huge collection of branded caps that make your dress attractive. Our peak caps are designed with the best quality fabrics. Our caps range includes floral caps, trucker caps, stone-washed caps, flat caps with holes, South Africa flat caps, straight caps, two-tone straight caps, and plain caps for sale.

Our sports caps are adjustable in size that fits nicely. The cap’s stuff changes by the change of weather conditions. Summer caps are different from winter caps in fabric design. We use high-quality material in our products that make us famous. We offer caps for men and women in our caps store in South Africa.

Summer Wear

Given the rise of athleisure variation, the quality of sportswear has undergone a huge revolution and modification. From caps and shirts to joggers and trousers, the whole variety of sportswear for summer has changed a great deal based on trend movement in which fitness clothes can also be worn in a big variety.

Summer clothes contain such a different and smooth type of fabric in cotton blend in which you feel comfortable during your leisure time.

Our shirts variety includes Golfer shirts and Kessra PQ Golfer shirts. The sports shoes variety for summer leisure wear contains Tekkie town shoes, Mille Casual Sports Shoes, Mille Casual Sports Shoes. We have an excellent selection of mens track pants for sale, tracksuit pants, and sleeping trousers.

Winter Wear

In winter wear, the fabric of leisurewear is designed with a woolen blend that warms your body during exercise. Our branded products are hand washable. Winter leisurewear are as follows;

Trousers “Track Pants | Sleeping Trousers, HLY Adult Track Trousers.

Joggers “Mille Netball Takkies | Shoes, Mille Casual Sports Shoes, Mille Casual Sports Shoes.

Caps and Bucket Hats “ Plain Bucket Hat, Floppy Bucket Hat, Kongol Style Bucket Hat, Denim Bucket Hat.

Hoodies “ HLY Hoodies, Cool Hoodies, Hoodies For Men And Women, Plain Hoodies For Sale