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Grip Basketball Coaching Board – Trainer – 40x24cm

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Grip FS Boxing Shin Pads Polyester With Padding

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Grip Plastic Whistle | Standard

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Grip Star Hockey Stick Bag Jumbo

Original price was: R950.00.Current price is: R855.00.

Sports accessories are the tools, materials, and apparel used to participate in sports. These tools help an athlete to play the game and are used as protective gear for the player.

Our Products

Our company has amazing sports accessories online and in-store. We are especially interested in the sale of sports products for our customers at very reasonable and cheap prices. We provide you with our high-quality valuable products.

Let’s talk about the sub-categories of sports accessories

  • Cards
  • Cones
  • Flags
  • Hurdles
  • Ladders
  • Misc
  • Needles
  • Nets
  • Whistles


Playing cards are specially prepared card stock with thin cardboard, plastic-coated paper marked with different designs. These deck of playing cards are used for playing games and for conjuring. We have a collection of cards in our sports accessories. Check our bicycle playing cards for sale.


Cones are three-dimensional geometric shapes made with hard plastic used as sports training cones. Cones help you to set the boundaries and lines during sports. We have a collection of colourful training cones for sale. Our cones are grip training cones multi-colour and grip flat cones (mix and loose single).


Flags are a representative symbol of a country. It is the national symbol for any country’s belongings and identities that represents its freedom. Flags in sports improve the motivation among participants. Our company has a variety of flags for different countries with their original attractive colours. We have South African flags for sale, standard flags, and international countries’ pennant banner flags with multi-colours.


In Olympic games, jumping over obstacles or barriers that are set for athletes to jump over are called hurdles. The agility hurdles are used in drills for the training of athletes to enhance their ability to change the direction during jumping. Our company’s best hurdles include grip agility hurdles for sale.


Ladders allow you to move upwards and get ahead faster. Ladders are used in sports training to enhance the ability of the player to move forward during the game. Our company’s sports accessories include grip agility ladders.


Misc is the abbreviation of miscellaneous. We have a variety of misc. sport accessories that energize you in sports. Our misc. products are double sling foldable bag, grip Hoola hoops, grip Jukskei athletic, and grip ping-pong balls. Check our miscellaneous sports accessories for good results.


Needles are used in sports like gym, athletics, and football. The needle helps to focus the movement of air between the pump and ball so the ball is inflated directly and efficiently. We have a high-quality needle in our sports accessories.


Nets are used in tennis and racquet games like badminton to separate the court into two similar zones. Net in the sports is the standard part of the game to disjoint two opponents. We have different styles of nets i.e. volleyball net and soccer net.


Whistles are widely used in sports accessories by referees and coaches in soccer, football, and hockey to control the games and practices. We have a large number of whistles with different designs. Our whistles are grp metal silver whistle, grip lanyard for the whistle, finger special whistle, windy whistle, plastic whistle, FOX 40 classic CMG and neck lanyard, and standard whistle.