Why Is A Rugby Ball Oval Shaped?

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Have you ever wondered why a rugby ball is oval shaped? It’s not like a football where the shape makes it easier to control. So why is it that way? Turns out, there’s a pretty good reason! Read on to find out what it is!

First Rugby Ball

The first rugby balls were more plum shaped than oval. They were inflated by mouth using a clay pipe and surrounded with panels of stitched leather, making them vary greatly in size due to which pig bladder was used at any given time.

The original gameplay clearly involved kicking the ball around without much else happening — but then something extraordinary happened: England’s 15-stone 3rd Marquesan Queensberry began playing this game where players use short sticks instead! This new rule changed everything because now there could only be one player per side who possession holds onto their own stick/rifle rather than opposing teams trying HQs ( hacksaws ) etc.,

PurposeĀ  of Oval Shape

Rugby ball originally designed to be thrown. That’s right, the shape of the ball makes it easier to throw than a round one. The oval shape also makes it easier to catch as well, which is why it’s still used today.

An oval shape is more aerodynamic than a round one. This helps the ball move through the air more quickly and makes it easier to throw or kick long distances. Second, an oval shape provides more surface area for grip, which is important in a game like rugby where players are constantly trying to catch or hold onto the ball. Finally, an oval shape helps the ball bounce in a predictable way, making it easier to control during play.


So there you have it! The next time you see a rugby match, you’ll know why the ball looks the way it does. Thanks for reading!


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