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Grip Plastic Whistle | Standard

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Grip Tennis Coaching Board – Trainer – 40x24cm

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Grip Pop Up Goal Post | Set Of 2

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Fox 40 Classic CMG and Neck LanYard Whistle | Standard

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Grip Sports Water Bottle | Plastic

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Grip Tacitical Coaching Book

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Basketball is a game of two teams played to defeat each other by throwing the ball into the basket. The purpose of both teams is to throw the ball more times than each other. The game is played between five members of both teams.

Volleyball is a game of six players on the court. Both the teams throw the ball with the help of their hands towards each other in the upward position that the ball could not touch the net. The objective of this game is to prevent the ball to touch the net.

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Our company has an amazing collection of basketball and volleyball equipment. Our company is serving you with beneficial products. We assure you our high-quality products give you benefits.

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Basketball kit
Knee pads
Volleyball balls
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Volleyball net

Our company has a variety of basketball bags in South Africa. With the best quality fabric, our bags are comfortable for players of this game. Check our bags for sale.

Bands are used in a basketball game to make your height and jumping level better for the game. The bands are called resistance bands. Our company’s bands are best to improve the vertical jumping level of the players.

Basketball Ball
We have top-quality production of basketball balls. The balls with a textured surface lend extra stability in flight. Our basketball ball price is very affordable. We have a standard, molten, match, Mikasa basketball ball for sale.

Basketball kit
Our company has the best production of basketball kits. Try our basketball kits in South Africa for sale.

Knee pads
Knee pads are also known as knee protector pads. We provide safety to our customers by serving our knee protection pads.

Basketball Ring
The rings of basketball are made of steel. Our basketball rings are available for senior and junior players. These rings are used to cross the ball from it. The rings are not for hanging purposes. We have a grip basketball net and a grip basketball ring with a net for sale.

Socks and shoes of has the best-quality fabric production safe your feet from wounds and sunburn. Our socks and shoes are excellent in use.

Volleyball Ball
Our volleyball balls are designed with synthetic and are available in multi-colours. We have the best volleyball balls in our company. We have team star, molten Flistatec, molten practice, Mikasa (beach, grand slam, and beach attack).

Volleyball Kit
Volleyball kits of our company are made of light-weight fabric and are comfortable for the players to feel relaxed. Easily washable and would not fade its colours after wash. We have 10 tops and 10 pairs of shorts in different sizes.

Volleyball Net
The volleyball net’s height of the net is 39 inches and it is 32 feet long. Our volleyball nets are easy to use and their setup is effortless. The four-way net is height adjustable and is foldable. Our volleyball nets for sale are grip volleyball nets (standard and high quality).