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Martial arts is a very comprehensive term that encircles many types of fighting. Martial arts basically combat sports. They are mainly originated in China, Japan, and Korea. The different forms of fighting are all governed towards self-defence (Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, and Kung fu).

Some of the popular forms of Martial arts in South Africa are Daambe (related to boxing and kicking), Zulu stick fighting(weapons-based martial arts), and MMA (mixed martial arts).

Our Products

Our company is providing supreme quality martial arts products. They are designed with the vision of giving comfort to the fighter by giving proper attention to the material used in them.

Our Best Martial Art Products Are

  • Opro mouthguard
  • Scoreboard(standard)
  • Grip Karate shoes
  • Grip Judo Suits 450 GSM | 110 | 120 | 130 | 140 | 150 | 160 | 170
  • Grip Jitsu suits(professional)
  • Grip Karate shin instep
  • Grip Karate belts
  • Grip Karate suits |all size|white
  • Grip Karate mitts


The mouthguards are designed to prevent the injury to mouth and teeth. They are most commonly made with polyvinyl acetate polyethene.

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They are used to display the points of both opponents during the fighting. A person is there to flip the cards of points during the fighting.

You can shop our light-weighted and portable Scoreboard(standard).

Karate Shoes

These are light-weighted, laceless shoes worn during Karate fighting. Tenth Sports has the best Karate shoes for sale

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Judo Suits

The uniform that is worn during Judo fighting. It consists of a tunic, pants, and belt and is made of Cotton. The tunic and pants are white and the belt colour varies according to the player’s rank. Check our judo suits for sale.

You can shop our Grip Judo Suits 450 GSM | 110 | 120 | 130 | 140 | 150 | 160 | 170

Jitsu Suits

They are made from cotton or denim. It is worn during fighting or practising. It also consists of a tunic, pants, and belt. The tunic, pants, and belt are of the same colour.

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Karate Shin Instep

 Shin insteps are the protective equipment worn on the legs during the fighting.  It has a rigid outer layer of “polyethylene”.

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Karate Belts

They are made from cotton and polyester. There are six Karate belt in order colours: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and black. They are worn according to the rank of the player.

You can shop our Grip Karate belts.

Karate Suits

The karate suits are made from soft cotton for long-lasting durability and the comfort of the player. They comprise of a tunic, pants, and a belt.

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Karate Mitts

They are foam-padded from the inside and the outer skin is made from leather and polyester. They are 10 x 7 inches in size.

You can get  Grip Karate mitts from our shop.