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Our Products

Our categories of branded products are complaint-free and suitable for any player who participated in sports. We are providing you with the best of our sports equipment, accessories, and surprising products in South Africa.

 Let’s Discuss The Sub-categories Of Branded Products

  • Accessories
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Caps
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • Leisurewear/Innerwear
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Shoes
  • Shorts
  • Soccer Ball
  • Socks
  • Squash
  • T-Shirt
  • Table Tennis


Accessories are the sports equipment used in sports. Our company has efficient branded sports accessories for its customers. Our sports accessories are puma (shin guard team, hard ground team, one grip, power force), Umbro (mini slip diamond shin guard, training backpack, training hold all medium, mega deck carrier soccer bag), SKLZ star Kick hands-free solo soccer trainer, soccer Magna coach, lateral resistor pro a position trainer, pro mini soccer, precision goal 6 feet, play marker goal set), Flake (everyday sports boxer, Arm protector), OPRO mouthguard, second (skin sun-off arm, universal sports under, adult keep you cool long.


We have branded Badminton sports products for our customers. Our badminton products are Wilson (pro-over-grips, sublime grip, headbands, wrist bands, summer caps, team2 compartment bags, Federer team backpack, Federer 25 rackets, Federer 23 rackets, Federer 27 rackets, court zone, and Tour Badminton set.


Our company is selling basketball products at reasonable prices for its customers. We have an excellent variety of basketball products like SKLZ kick Basketball return attachment, Molten (tournament ball, indoor ball standard, basketball practice, GM7X, and GM6X FIBA approved, Mikasa (Beach attack volleyball, street Jam basketball, orange, yellow size 7 official match ball size 7.

Caps brings for you the wonderful collection of branded caps with smooth stuff. Our caps are Wilson’s summer cap- white, Canterbury snap backpacks, and Canterbury visor side logo caps.


Our company’s handball sports products are Mikasa inflating needle and net bag and Mikasa handball white/black size 3.


We have a huge collection of tremendous products of hockey. Our products have excellent texture and are designed with proper attention. We have Grip (hockey Force Combo, Goalie kit, skin guard, keyring, dream hockey ball Dimple, ultra shin guard, stick bag storm, stick bag single, hockey ball), Slazenger (hockey icon stick bag, icon sleeve blue, icon set, and hockey icon set 34 and 26.


We have high-quality textured leisurewear products for our customers at affordable rates. Second-skin (men A3 shorts, sun-off arm, universal sports under, adult keep you cool long, adult ankle-length leggings, ladies hot pants black, adults above the knee shorts), NBA (LA Lakers HEM t-shirts, Chicago bulls black t-shirts), Canterbury (large CCC logo Tee Men team dry Tee black, and team dry vest senior).


We have loveable netball products at valuable prices. Our netball products are Molten (match netball standard, practice rubber netball standard size 4, 5), Mikasa (inflating needle and net bag, S5 netball, match netball size 5, Dimple rubber netball). And Miter (oasis F18P netball pink, and attack F18P netball pink size 5).


Our rugby game products are excellent and satisfactory. We have a collection of Canterbury (varsity cup, thrill-seeker ball, Mentre training ball 2020, and Gilbert ruby match ball.


We have branded quality sports shoes. Our company has Umbro Classico VI soccer boots (white and black), Millie (netball Takkies, Casual sports).


We are the sellers of shorts in South Africa. Our products are valuable and reasonable in price. We have Canterbury (Tactic shorts black, gym shorts, and Active shorts kiwi navy.

Soccer Ball

Our branded soccer balls are necessary for soccer games and we provide you with our superior products for sale. We have Umbro’s new trainer soccer ball, MITRE Futsal | practice ball, grip soccer ball | 4ply.


We have smooth fabric socks with light stuff. Our socks are Flake (practice Hrf long, tennis anklet, retro crew, hidden comfort, hidden cool, stride anklet, stride hidden, ventilator low cut, Vitalizer calf sleeve, vitalizer compression, and ankle shoes.


We provide you with our best squash products. We offer you Wilson 2PK Blister squash balls and Wilson impact pro 500.


T-shirts are safe to wear for sports to protect you from injuries and sun burnings. We use a high-quality texture in our shirts. We provide you with Grip FS Men Singlet, Grip FS Gym Fleece Tracks suit, and Grip FS plain T-shirts.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis balls with hard plastic are available in Company of South Africa. We sell you our best table tennis products. Try and get the benefit.


Tennis game products are used in tennis sports for better practices. We serve you our branded tennis products Wilson US open 21 tennis racket, Ultra power team racket, Karakal tennis standard racket with different sizes, and blade bats.

Volleyball has superior products for its customers to use in volleyball practices. We deliver you Molten and Mikasa match balls, inflating needles, beach volleyballs, and slam and attack volleyballs.

Water Polo Balls

Water polo balls with solid plastic and inflating needles of Mikasa are available for our customers.